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Classification essay involves classification of objects or ideas into categories according to their differences and similarities.


Classification essay involves classification of objects or ideas into categories according to their differences and similarities. When given classification division essay assignment, the first step is to decide on a suitable classification criteria. Properties of objects guide their classification and must be logical.

An example of classification essay is one describing classification of persons according to economic status (high economic status, middle class and low economic status). Next step is defining the status, including providing variants. Most students find writing a classification essay quite challenging. Such students should seek assistance from classification essay writing agencies such as


Classification division essay follows similar structure, namely the introduction, body and conclusion. The next step is determining the various categorizations of objects. Be thorough; do not be in a hurry as this is the most critical stage in writing paper. Let us look at one example of classification essays, namely an essay supposed to show classification of computers. You can classify computers according to function and the processing capacity.

  • Personal computers – used by single person (desktop, laptops)
  • Workstation – used by institutions and laboratories (powerful microprocessors
  • Server – Connects other computers (large hard drives, powerful microprocessors)

Classification essay topics require a thesis statement. The next step is defining each of the categories involved and providing supporting evidence and examples.

The most important thing in essay writing is achieving coherence of ideas. Writers should use transitions such as ‘the first type, the second type’ to ensure a flow of ideas. Understanding how to write classification essay requires investing a lot of time.

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When writing classification essays, the biggest challenge is organizing objects in different categories. Sometimes, it may take a student a lot of time brainstorming, identifying similarities and differences. Other challenges include organizing the structure of the whole document and using correct grammar.

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