Communications Essays on Business Communication Goals

Changes in modes of communication in business have been witnessed over the years, particularly at the organizational level. Communication is one of the critical elements in business as it lays a foundation for success(Kaul 8). The fact that I am taking the business communication class means that there are specific goals I aim to achieve at the end of the course.

My first goal is to build productive customer relationships in future. It is useful for me to utilize a wide variety of media platforms to make a strong customer-based connection and ensure that my business becomes the most trusted one in the market. I hope to achieve this by sharing crucial information about my business prospects through newsletters and online platforms such as social media. Sharing crucial information with my customers would enable me to build trust and receive feedback that would trigger quality improvement from a business perspective (Kaul 9).

The second goal of taking business communication is to acquire knowledge and expertise that would help me to motivate my business team. Good communication fosters active cooperation between the management and employees. I believe that business communication would help me to understand how to convey messages to employees and other stakeholders. Effective communication would set the stage for trust between my staff and me.

The third goal is to establish a business appeal for my firm. Excellent communication would enable my company to expand. The business world has increasingly become connected, and cultures and languages have played significant roles. Good communication would prevent misunderstanding and conflict in my organization (Kaul 11). This would pave the way for other positives such as increased productivity as there would be no breakdowns in communication that often lead to time wastage

The fourth goal which the bussiness communication class will facilitate is forging strong partnerships . A sound communication is important in dealing with the outside agencies. A clear articulation of the needs and the expectations will help avert any misunderstanding with the clients and shall ensure prompt service. Moreover, excanging pleasantaries with the clients from time to time will help further business prospects.



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