Communications Sample Essay on Should the US Take a Greater or Lesser Role in Regulating the Internet?

Should the US Take a Greater or Lesser Role in Regulating the Internet?

Currently, the issue on whether forms of administration should control internet use in society has contributed to a key debate. This discussion is still on as it relies on the approval of the agreement by United Nations. The responsibility of this treaty will be to enable government to limit the internet.

In spite of efforts from the advocates to support regulation of internet by authorities, the US administration failed to sign the contract. This is because the American government has influenced factors that relate to the internet in society. America failed to sign the contract because they felt it could violate their way of leadership (Scholl, 1). To defend their stand on internet regulation, the US government revealed that they wanted their citizens to trust the internet.

However, the government needs to focus more on aspects that revolve around copyright. Leaders argue that it is their right to control intellectual assets and offer protection from illegal piracy. Clearly, each time US formulates modern copy right policies, business individuals with special interests tend to interfere with them. Due to this trend, the government fails to initiate effective policies that intend to protect intellectual property.

The government also justifies its actions because it intends to safeguard security in the country. For instance, there have been cases of cyber terrorism across the globe. Evidently, Wiki leaks incorporate secret projects that subject citizens to threats. The government responds to security issues by being careful with activities that are carried out by the public. The complexity in issue of online platforms calls for leaders to be keen and investigate various individuals who visit the sites. In this regard, it is essential for the government to apply control of internet use in society.


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