Composition Essays on Media in the Age of Trump

Media is important to democratic countries as it promotes transparency and accountability. Most media stations unmask the selfish interests of political leaders who misappropriate public resources. Consequently, it is common to find local authorities at loggerheads with the media. The current U.S. administration describes such an authority whose president does not value media freedom (Media in the Age of Trump. Np). Recently, President Trump refused to respond to a question from a CNN reporter. Instead, colleagues from other news media went on to ask other questions disregarding the humiliation of a fellow media person. This was an act of negligence as press freedom requires a collective contribution from all journalists. An attack to a single journalist could culminate to war against that press or media.

Personally, media freedom should mobilize all journalist to fight in solidarity against oppression from authorities. When a particular journalist is attacked by a government official, colleagues should back up the individual as a sign of unity. This action would prompt the authorities to reconsider its approach when addressing media (Dean 2). Taking questions in a press media is an important democratic practice which promotes transparency and accountability. Therefore, journalists should focus on queries that unveil vital information on a subject; rather than questions that improve the brand of a media institution. This is to state that other journalist should have forced President Trump to respond to the question being asked by the CNN reporter.

Press freedom is an important element of determining democracy in a country. Governments should ensure that media freedom is protected despite reports being made by journalists. The government should not turn its attention to press media unveiling a corruption, conspiracy or collusion accusations (Dean 3). Instead, it should focus on fighting a social vice that deprives the public of their right to development. Similarly, journalists should report news that has facts and not based on political “witch-hunt” or fiction. America is the greatest example of a strong democracy. Press media and governments should strike a balance which protects public majority interests rather than selfish gains to few stakeholders.


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