Composition Paper on Every Success Comes with Experience

Composition Paper on Every Success Comes with Experience

Some people might think that I am not experienced enough to understand the deep meaning of the African proverb, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”. However, during my life, I have learned big lessons that can be of great importance to some people. Even though one might argue that I am not yet able to fathom the deeper meaning of this proverb, I can assure you that my experience, at least partly, made me go through troubles that helped me see this proverb from a different perspective. My life experience taught me how to react to difficult circumstances and how to handle them. Indeed, during my short life, I have laughed with happiness and cried in grief, which is why I have learned through my experience that a truly skillful person often has to learn it hard way.

It is often hard to believe that a random person knows how it is to be discouraged. However, I understand this feeling and what it means to be humiliated. I have shared my experiences with many people before, but a majority do not believe me. However, I am not disheartened by this fact. Therefore, in case the same happens now, I will not be caught unaware. Let me start by stating that I have been both among the best and worth performing students at my school. Therefore, I know what it means to rise to the top and to sink down in life. In all these circumstances, I have learned that smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. If anything, they train you to boast and look down on other people. As the best performing student, I have been applauded by almost everybody at my school. My teachers have always referred to me when they gave examples of successful students. Out of this, I have earned respect for myself and even enjoyed all the benefits that come with success. Unfortunately, this did not train me to work hard. It only trained me to despise other students, walking with my shoulders high.

After looking down on other students and never working hard because I was almost assured of my success, it is no wonder that my success did not last long. It only took me three years to rank among the failures that I despised before. At first, I did not believe that I was among the last three students in our class when our teacher released the mid-term results. During that time, school life continued as though nothing had happened, but my classmates discussed my failure in low tones. Some even called me a failure that could never rise to a former level. Others, when needed examples of a failure, instantly thought of me. Therefore, I felt constantly frustrated and despised. I even contemplated asking my parents to transfer me to another school. This struck me like lightning, but I started to acknowledge the fact that school life was changing and I had to work hard to expect good results. In the following term, I was second to last in our class. I thought that school’s management team deliberately tried to frustrate me. My class teacher started to suspect something, and she called me to her office. However, before I explained my case the way I saw it, she sent me home for my parents. The situation had gone farther than I expected. As I stood in her office, I wished that the ground could open and swallow me alive, but it did not. So I went home, explained the case to my parents the way I saw it and told them that they were supposed to accompany me to school. After a lengthy discussion between my class teacher and my parents, the issue was resolved, and I had no option left than to work hard. To my amazement, I regained the former level.

With regard to hunger, I might not have experienced what some people in destitute African countries do. However, I have a one-day experience that explains to me what hunger means. The day in question was an abrupt journey that my parents organized one Friday evening. They were supposed to visit our ailing grandfather five miles away from home. After putting everything in order and buying us food, they left in a hurry. Being the oldest person in the house, I was left in charge. I was supposed to cook and give directions. However, due to my inexperience in cooking, I placed the only products that were in the house on a stove and went to the sitting room to wait for it to get ready. Due to an exciting television program, I forgot about the food. By the time I remembered about it, it had burned and became inedible. That day I skipped lunch, hoping that my parents would be back in the evening, but they did not come back. In the evening, I was so hungry that I could not stand on my feet. To make the matter worse, I had a painful headache. My younger sister who had the opportunity to sneak out of the house could not help me out of the mess in which I was. After spending the day in the neighbor’s house, she came home late, expecting to find something to eat. To her surprise, there was nothing edible. We spent the night without food.

Therefore, these two situations give me an opportunity to rationally estimate and relate to the difficult situations people face. Even though I am not in the position to comment on the whole spectrum of life-threatening situations people encounter, I now understand that when faced with challenges, people should be brave to embrace and make their best to get out of the predicament.