Computer Science: Coursework on Biometric Security System

Biometric Security System

Biometric is a system that applies in security which serves as an automatic software. It is connected to a device to detect people. This is via measuring their physical and character uniqueness. It also links them to others who already appear in records. This system use features such as fingerprint and facial identification. Furthermore, it also measures uniqueness among people via aid of DNA, iris and voice recognition.

Clearly, biometric is a security system that offers a better way to protect many devices against hackers. This happens especially when these unwanted users tamper with vital details that do not belong to them. In this regard, majority of electronic and computer firms have embraced biometric security in their system. This serves as a sure way to enhance security against individuals who are not authorized to access the systems.

In this regard, I can purchase a biometric security and use it in my computer as long as it is effective and suitable. The reason is because the security system offers positive and accurate verifications form. This makes it safe and easy to use devices that incorporate biometric security as I only need to use a body feature and not passwords (“Biometric Access Control & Fingerprint Identification Solutions, Biometric Security Systems”).  Study indicates that these systems are effective because they reduce the costs of dealing with passwords especially in enterprises. In my opinion, I opt to use a system that is cost effective.

Biometric is a system that suits my preference. Due to its technology, security threats that affect a number of devices have been eliminated. Recording of voices is reinforced by use of fingerprints to enhance the security while using the system. In essence, biometric security is a system that individuals need to embrace to facilitate their use of electronics.


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