Computer Science: Research Paper on The social effects of telecommuting

The social effects of telecommuting

Trends that arises in technology sector has enhanced changes in traditional ways of communication. In the past years, it took a long time to convey a message. The availability of the internet has facilitated communication via video chats with individuals who are miles away.

Furthermore, through telecommunication, people can work from remote locations while online. Telecommuting that is also termed as teleworking reflects use of computers, telephones and the internet from remote regions. Its impact on economic and social lives of people is huge. The purpose of this essay is to exhibit both positive and limitation of social telecommuting. The advantages are clear when it creates job chances for individuals in the minority group. Clearly, it is difficult for individuals who are disabled to commute and search for work. As a result, the availability of telecommuting has enabled individuals with disability to apply for jobs at comfort of their homes.

The positive impact of telecommuting is that is also facilitates works patterns that are beneficial. For instance, it enables mothers to be committed to their duties and also fulfil family responsibilities. The retired and old individuals also operate from home and earn their salaries in a comfortable manner. Telecommuting also encourages multitasking and saves on time and transport cash. It also enables them to focus on other jobs to increase their earnings. Furthermore, changes in social classes are clear when the poor stay in congested slums in contrast to a good lifestyle that the rich individuals have.

The availability of telecommuting jobs aid to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. This is by introducing flexible work plans that enable individuals to operate from rural areas (Marcus 19).  Additionally, these jobs enable individuals to submit their work within a given time frame. The negative effect of telecommuting is that it has reduced the public and private spaces of individuals. It also weakens labour unions and exploits individuals.

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