Coursework Assignment on PPR Competency Interpretations

I am responsible for creating a digital portfolio highlighting the knowledge and skills that have been gained during the Professional Development Sequence, based upon the 13 Competencies for Beginning Teachers. One of the components of this assignment is to provide interpretations of what each competency means. I have included a sample page from my portfolio so that you can get an idea of why i need an interpretation for each competency. I have also include a PowerPoint to give you an example of what an interpretation should look like. Only focus on the the meaning shown in the example and not how it will apply to the classroom because I will fill out that part. I will need an interpretation (meaning ONLY) for EACH of the 13 competencies which i have included in the attachments. The competencies will be on pages 4-18. You should be able to fit at minimum 3/4 competencies on each page