Coursework on Challenges and Trends within the Transportation and Logistics Field

Challenges and Trends within the Transportation and Logistics Field

Transportation is perceived to be the key industry across the globe. It incorporates various divisions such as logistics, trains and airplanes services. In 2013, the Plunkett Research gave a report about the transport industry in United States. This study indicates that US had a total of $950.6 billion revenues in this sector.

However, the transport industry has faced several trends and issues in spite of the huge revenue. The shortage of labor is one of the challenges in the sector of transport. The rise in employment demand has reduced qualified drivers and contributed to insufficient skills. It is clear that the logistics and transport industry incurs tough completion from their rivals leading to labor shortage (Greencarrier Blog, 2014).

Analyzing trends, it is significant for logistics and transport industry to embrace new technology. This is because; it is a vital aspect that has facilitated communication. For instance, the current trend in logistics is use of modern designs with smart phone app. Their purpose is to give corresponding details concerning the status of cargos. Modern technology is also vital in transport industry when it enables individuals in this sector to make constructive decisions. Besides facilitating communication, new technology enhances quick and effective response to customers.

Lately, the transport sector has embraced a structural upgrade from airfreight to sea freight. The supply demand between the two transport systems triggered the transition. This was also facilitated by the differences in expenses. It happened when the sea freight was low in contrast to the air freight. As a result, people decided to switch to the sea freight alternative because it was popular and cheap. In future, labor shortage will hinder growth while communication will improve due to advanced technology. Clearly, the quality of services and expenses will attract more clients to the transport sector.



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