Coursework on Competition in Health Care

Competition in Health Care

Competition is perceived as an important aspect in the current world. In health care sector, the objective of competition is to ensure that employees offer proper services to clients. If an organization provides best services to its customers, it tends to receive more rewards and customers. Clearly, the coordination between patients and the health providers will facilitate improvement in health standards.

The competition factor exists in different form in health care organizations. Generally, firms compete to perform better than their rivals hence increase their returns. The advantage of competing in health care firms is that it leads to reduction of health services. Additionally, it promotes good relations between the health providers and the clients. Competition is beneficial when it enhances affordable and quality health services leading to satisfaction among patients.

Conversely, completion has its own limitations if it is not well handled. For instance, it may incur high costs in the organization when it hinders the firm from progressing. Furthermore, it does not guarantee provision of quality services that satisfy customers. It is not in all cases that competition turns out to be successful. On the contrary, it subjects the organization to offer services that do not meet high standards (Gaynor &Town, 2011). Competition also makes the health sector to engage in procedures that are unprofessional and not ethical.

Forms of competition that tend to be successful benefit both parties. This is evident when it enables patients to access affordable and quality services. Equally, the providers get the chance to accomplish their objectives. A positive influence of competition in health organization is that it improves it facilities to offer best treatment. However, the aspect of competition becomes worse when providers provide poor services to meet high returns. Competition in health care sector should focus on both parties by benefiting patients and providers to enhance satisfaction in a fair way.




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