Coursework on Action plan

Action plan

  1. Identifying the requirement (Reveal briefly with statistics and narratives the need for a SWAT team)

A SWAT group entails talented individuals who give a solution to crimes that are complicated. They use weapons to carry out their operations. The team requires gun fires to handle criminal cases. SWAT panel is needed because they are trained to deal with complicated crime matters.

  1. Analyzing/detecting the condition (What do you have in place? What do you need? Does the agency culture support this move? Why do you need it?)

Police officers are not enough to cater for the needs of a huge population. Clearly, police only respond to normal cases that include assault and robbery.

  1. Action planning (How will this happen? Recruit/selection criteria? Any policy changes? Is it a collateral duty or full-time?)

This will take place via recruitment that will be advertised on media. The criteria in selection will incorporate candidates who are smart to offer efficient services. Changes in minimal policy will apply to enhance flexibility in SWAT group. This duty will be full time to reduce criminal activities in society (Grayson, 2013).

  1. Change involvement/performance (How will you implement? How much time will it take? What is involved?)

The implementation will incorporate close operation with team members to meet the goals of the team. The interventions will take a month to assess its development to meet its goals. The team involved will be required to collaborate in their operation.

  1. Assessment (Establish a framework for evaluation prior to implementation. Data collection instruments and procedures? Any training? How will you monitor and sustain excellence? What is the impact after a year?)

Evaluation will involve team training and test of skills in the field. The process of collecting details will be via online questions and interviews. After a year, this data will be used to enhance alertness among the team.




Grayson, R. (2013).The Missions. Minnesota: Capstone Press.



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