Coursework on Air Wheel Scooter

Air Wheel Scooter

Air wheel refers to unicycle and portable products that aid in balancing. These products are cheap, easy to operate and friendly to the surrounding. They exist in various forms to satisfy the needs of clients. An air wheel that is self balancing facilitates close movements such as to the office or nearby bus stations. An advantage of this equipment is that it does not pollute the atmosphere. This is contrary to motor vehicles that emit smoke leaving the environment filthy.

Clearly, individuals who use air wheel save plenty of time during movements. This is evident when they take few minutes or hours to access their destination contrasted to motor vehicles. Analyzing the characteristics of the target market, it involves firms and group of individuals. The responsibility of the firm is to initiate a plan to enhance marketing approaches. The air wheel scooter has its target market that includes children and adults. This product satisfies all the requirements of target buyers because they are available in various weights and sizes.

They target individuals who earn low and middle income as they are sold at low prices hence affordable to all. The prospecting technique that sellers use is to advertise the air wheel scooter through online platform (Peter et al., 2009). Furthermore, marketers can also conduct their ads by use of newspapers and mass media. To accomplish the prospecting process, firms embrace referrals who get to purchase the products. This is after receiving information from the existing customers. The firm can make this method successful by providing services and products that are of high quality.

Through networking, friends tend to inform each other about the product hence increase the number of clients. The selling approach for air wheel scooter will be in form of cash or credit to trustworthy consumers. Air wheel scooters are recommended as the best to serve in short journeys because they are safe to the users.



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