Coursework on Competitive Environment

Competitive Environment


Examine how an organization can maintain its costly benefit structure while remaining competitive against countries whose companies do not offer such benefits.

A firm that ought to remain competitive at the market place requires initiating benefits plans that are flexible. One way that will enable these companies to beat their rivals at the market is by granting employees benefits. This strategy is significant because it leads to support and enhances change among diverse cultures.

This approach is beneficial in a business because it eradicates traditional forms of employment activities. As a result, it promotes values of individuals who own firms and enhances their responsibilities. Furthermore, the flexible strategy of workers is useful to boost the shape of the company. This is relevant within the context of markets that entail marketing activities. In addition, it serves as a chance to maintain competition at the market. This works properly against those firms that fail to offer similar services. It is inclusive of offering the staff benefits to motivate them (Clusters 2012).

It further upgrades the profile of the firm depending on ways it hires individuals at the market. The approach is also necessary to enhance attraction and retain quality clients. This is relevant in a business because it paves way for maximization of chances. Maximization is another strategy that enhances competition. It enables the staff to work hard to meet the targets of the company and their goals in the industry. The concept of coordination will enable the organization to sustain its competition. The flexible benefits that the government needs to incorporate include safeguarding the rights of employees. The last integration aspect is offering financial advice to boost its image and increase its level of performance. Clearly, organizations that embrace competition tend to attract plenty of customers and improve on their returns.



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