Coursework on Detail the difference between “manage” and “lead”. And the IE implications of this difference

Detail the difference between “manage” and “lead”. And the IE implications of this difference

A leader is an individual who guides the company from the front by motivating workers to perform their best. Conversely, a manager is a person who plans and coordinates duties to staff with help of management approaches. This explains why a worker needs to honor his manager in regard to his rank in the organization. Equally, juniors follow their leaders in a voluntary manner because they share common interests. This paper reveals the difference between a manager and a leader.

Evidently, a manager is an individual who exercises control by directing his juniors to the right path. Furthermore, a manager grants his workers security while a leader enhances change in a firm. The same duty that managers and leaders have in common is when they direct their staff. The responsibility of a leader is to initiate vision in a company whereas the manager delicates functions to employees. Clearly, emotional intelligence is a character that depicts a difference between managers and leaders.

Liker (2003), cites that leaders tend to be emotionally intelligent in contrast to managers. This is evident when a leader convinces individuals to follow him while the manager applies authority to control them. For instance, a leader will be interested to know why an employee is late and offer assistance. On the contrary, the manager will give a warning to a worker and even punish him later.

Toyota Motor Corporation incorporates a structure that was initiated in Japan. This system enhances quality by facilitating safe means of production. The purpose of this structure is to ensure that clients access cheap and quality services. At Toyota, they also enhance security at work to create satisfaction among customers. The system also aids the firm to increase its returns and enhances a lasting form of development.



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