Coursework on Endocrine System

Endocrine System


This paper depicts how the endocrine system operates and the function of its various constituents in the body.  It enlightens readers on the procedures that enable transmission of signals in the endocrine system. This occurs through the release of hormones from the endocrine tissue and its transportation to the blood stream to target different tissues in the body.

Additionally, this piece of writing exhibits the work of hormones by mentioning seven key glands of the system. It also evaluates on homeostatic device and its significance on regulating the endocrine system. The paper ends by analyzing various duties of endocrine glands, and what their hormones entail.

Function of Endocrine System and the Homeostatic

Mechanism of Endocrine Regulation

Endocrine system reveals a set of glands, tissues and cells which release various hormones in an organism into the bloodstream. This procedure enhances metabolism, growth and reproduction of tissues (Chawla, 2012). The hormones that are transmitted by the endocrine system into the blood stream regulate metabolic operations and enhance communication within cells.

The endocrine system incorporates main glands that include hypothalamus, parathyroids, and reproductive organs. In the procedure of regulating endocrine, homeostatic mechanism facilitates the stability of the internal environment within the body. It achieves this via reproduction and coordinating organs and tissues in the body (Klosterman, 2009). The function of thyroid glands in the body is to release thyroxin that reduces irritation and slows down metabolism process.

Conversely, the purpose of pineal glands in the body is to regulate the daily levels of activities and to enhance the exposure of light. To be concise, the endocrine system in the body is composed of cells, glands and tissues that facilitate reactions and changes in the body. The key purpose of the endocrine system is to monitor and control operations that take place in the body.




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