Coursework on Health Care / Triple Aim

Health Care / Triple Aim

Health care is a vital element that is required in any economy of the nation. In this regard, US have incorporated its governmental efforts to upgrade the health care system. They accomplish this when they inspect each medical center in attempt to improve health care. The American administration emphasizes on fair expenses and quality of health care. This is to enhance values that will satisfy the entire population of US citizens. The purpose of this paper is to reveal vital principle of Triple Aim. This is to accomplish objective to optimize delivery of health care.

Triple Aim refers to a structure that is developed in health care segment by the Institute of Health Improvement. It is a framework that incorporates an approach to optimize the growth in health care systems. Triple Aim involves three elements and the first one is to upgrade the entire public’s health. The second principle is to foster the patient’s experience via quality and satisfactory health care. The third aspect is to reduce per capita expenses by offering fair health care services (Carry, 2013).

The improvement in Triple Aim ought to provide services in various sections of the society. This is to aid in improving and transforming health care institutions in relation to how they deliver services. Furthermore, the objective of this framework is to offer health care that benefits individuals in entire community. A study that was conducted in previous ten years reveals that US has the most expensive system of health care across the globe. For instance, health care accounts for approximately 17 percent of the gross domestic product in entire nation. It is vital to note that improving welfare of patients and entire health system can be accomplished if costs are reduced. This implies that the society needs to focus more on improving health care delivery to satisfy all patients.


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