Coursework on Neuroscience


This paper depicts the difference between absolute and relative refractory period. Absolute refractory refers to a period when an action that is potential cannot be established. This is despite the availability of a huge incentive that is stimulated. The lasting period of absolute refractory is when it reveals its resting potential. This happens all through the start and the potential time which the action takes place.

Conversely, relative refractory is a period when the probability of the next action is restrained. However, despite the restraining, the action can still take place. A period that is relative refractive can only be triggered by a happening that is perceived to be strong in contrast to other usual occurrences. Clearly, a neuron is also capable to enhance an intracellular charge that is negative (Sherwood, 2012). This is in spite of the fact that there exist about 20 times potassium ions that are charged positively.

This takes place inside the cell, a procedure that is relative to the cell that is outside. Furthermore, this observable fact is facilitated by potential actions, and the presence of non gated channels that are reduced in number. As a result, it enhances transport of Na + in contrast to K+ number of non gated channels. This implies that Na + has to exhibit low permeability levels despite the increase in concentration gradient. This is in regard to two opposing ions that are available on different sections of the membrane.

To achieve a resting potential that is steady, there is need to maintain differences in the two ions charges. This implies that K+ ions need to sustain a concentration that is high. Conversely, Na+ ions should be moved into an intracellular surface that is adjacent to the concentration gradient to enhance equal and active transport.


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