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Public Administration

This paper depicts two results that offshore drilling would impact on global usage of resources that are not renewable. Offshore drilling is a key practice in the world,  in spite of its outcome on resources and the environment. This is an activity along the ocean shores that incorporate, drilling of mineral resources, oil and natural gas. This procedure has upgraded various government including the US operation and different economies.

The negative outcomes that are contributed by off shore drilling on resources that cannot be renewed have contributed to water pollution. This arises due to oil spillage and as a result, it affects marine life including plants and animals. The continuous drilling procedure has contributed to exhaustion of sources such as natural gas and oil (Moseley & Logan, 2005). The rate at which energy is consumed across the globe is high which has increased drilling along the shores.

In US, technology fosters the process when it increases the rate at which these natural resources are depleted. Conversely, the US government has depicted its effectiveness to enhance energy and food security. For instance, the government has employed measures to conserve energy when it makes use of alternatives. As a result, these alternative sources of energy have helped to ease these drilling procedures by accomplishing energy security.

Evidently, the establishment of consumer organizations in US has enabled the government to curb food security. They have accomplished this by formulating consumer companies to supply food products to their clients. This has been beneficial because it provides financial support to customers, and also promotes the production of agricultural products. In addition, offering training and education to clients on the significance of food conservation has helped to enhance food security.



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