Coursework on Solving Issues with Servant Leadership Paper

Solving Issues with Servant Leadership Paper

Personally, I serve as an employee in the Hope Group firm that owns various supermarkets across the world. My branch is in Asia whereby I operate as a supervisor. My responsibility is to watch closely how 50 individuals work. In addition, my duty is to take charge of the store where I ensure that workers stalk products in order.

In this organization, we conduct meetings each week. The objective is to discuss different changes and improvement that we need to initiate. During this meeting, all employees and different leaders of all departments have to attend. In the past two weeks, I had a vital proposal to present. My suggestion was to call upon the management to renovate the grocery section of the store and the cutlery (Christens, 2010). The heads of departments were in support of my opinion. In addition, this information was passed to the finance department to calculate on the expenses of the project.

In conducting the estimates, we did not inform members of the department concerning the plan. The firm did the renovation on weekend to avoid conflict with top leaders who were unaware of the move. Since members of the department were absent, those involved in the repair damaged some items. Clearly, the delay by the finance department to handle the matter made it even worse.  A situational leadership strategy reveals that people who conduct repairs have to do it without causing damage. In addition, the servant leadership approach would have facilitated communication with the management.

This implies that given a situation when things go wrong, top leaders intervene to handle the matter. Furthermore, the transactional theory could have also been efficient to avoid destruction. In this situation, the supervisor was supposed to consult the management about his plan to avoid destruction.



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