Coursework Paper on The Power of Sound in a Scene

The Power of Sound in a Scene

In a scene, soundtracks are very significant in a similar manner that sounds appear on the screen. Sound tracks aid the director of the film to emphasize on the nature of the environment that is enhanced by the movie’s visual elements. Additionally, sound tracks play a vital role of establishing a rhythm and increasing the expectations of viewers.

Clearly, soundtracks are useful in interpreting influences that are created by individuals, and sections of the screen. They enable the audience to understand the perspective of the director in relation to a variety of surroundings. In a scene, sound tracks are categorized into two groups that include extra diagetic and diagetic. Diagetic are soundtracks in a fictional world that is occupied by film actors. Extra diagetic refers to sound tracks that exist in the external world of the film.

The effects of sound tracks to viewers are that they enhance emotional feedback from various individuals. They exhibit the mood in the movie, enhance continuity and add reality to the film. For instance in modern films, each aspect of a sound track is perceived based on its contribution to the plot. There is also the back drop sound that subjects the audience to emotional cues and this applies to suspense and horror movies (Pbelton3 2011).

This is accompanied by a scaring situation that incorporates thrilling music or disturbing sound tracks. In a film called psycho, the director uses a terrifying background sound that retaliate a scary feeling.  Bordwell & Thompson adds that soundtracks can direct the attention of audience within an image. The effectiveness of soundtracks in a film is clear when they illuminate images to appear vague. Sound breaks the silence and increases the attention of viewers to the movie.


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