Coursework Sample on The Positive Side of Challenges

The Positive Side of Challenges

In this life, it is impossible for an individual to survive without encountering various issues. This case applies in a range of categories that include economic, social and academic. The outcome of these problems is that they create negative effects to lives of people. They also abandon them in miserable conditions.

However, when people perceive problems as chances that make them to learn, this can assist in dealing with their issues and upgrading their lifestyle. Problems are not exceptional; they also affect the elite in the society. In their daily duties, they know very well that there are issues that they might encounter in the long run. The manner in which individuals handle their problems is not a great deal. This implies that for people to depict a successful life, they must find effective ways of handling issues that affect them in life.

In addition, problems are no longer regarded as a threat to individuals’ lives. This is especially when they serve as chances to enhance development. As a student who is taking information technology, my problem was that I could not believe I will be successful academic wise. To me, it was even difficult to imagine that I could be undertaking a career in information technology field. Worse is that I often perceived myself to be a failure.

At times, I thought that my profession was not very tough. Later, I learnt that there was no easy thing in life.  To succeed, an individual had to incorporate hard work. I also realized that to be successful, I had to embrace positive energy. This was by believing in my capabilities and changing my attitude. Eventually, I developed a reading habit when I attended all classes and began going to the library. This motivated me and advanced my information technology skills. It is vital for people to evaluate their challenges and convert them to development opportunities to succeed.



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