Coursework Summary on Decline of Rural America

Decline of Rural America

In any country, mega-cities contribute to positive results and growth among its occupants. The progress that is evident in urban areas is intense in contrast to that of rural places. As a result, this improves the economy and fosters growth in a given state. The positive outcome of this kind of progress in the cities is that it paves way for job opportunities.

In this respect, individuals have migrated from rural places to seek different work in urban centers. Development in cities has been helpful a lot when they grant jobs to immigrants from rural where work chances are less. Evidently, city residents have a better lifestyle in contrast to their rural counterparts. Despite of poor residential areas that are occupied by some city dwellers, it is clear that their life is still enjoyable.

However, the development that takes place in the cities also has its own challenges. For instance, it becomes hard to plan the city considering that majority of city planners fail to know its limits. Additionally, the massive growth in urban centers has lead to rise of the slum areas. As a result, dwellers have lacked basic requirements such as electricity and water supply (Kendall, 2012). The reason is because the government has no sufficient funds to cater for the rural immigrants who seek for employment in town.

Another negative outcome of growth in urban centers is that it leads to pollution. This is caused by the increase in the number of occupants in the city, and the hardship to control their needs. To handle these issues, the relevant authorities including the economists need to formulate effective strategies. A good example is to create employment opportunities in rural areas to avoid movement to the cities.



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