Coursework on How does technology actually interfere and hinder diversity

How does technology actually interfere and hinder diversity?

Diversity is an aspect that differentiates individuals when it bases on factors that include race, gender, or religious values. It is also attributed to communications, geographical or cultural diversity. In this modern world, technology has taken over social characters and values of individuals. As a result, technology has created both a negative and positive effect in the society.

This means that emerge of technology has contributed to interference of diversity and its aspects. Due to technology, there have been cases of environment pollution which is clear when there is release of electric and toxic wastes that are not renewable. Furthermore, technological procedures have also contributed to soil pollution whose outcome has led to delicate effects. This has further damaged the natural surroundings and also contributed to global warming.

Another effect of technology in society is when it affects the characters of individuals. Technology has killed social life, when it makes individuals to concentrate on their smart phones and neglect the company of their colleagues in their presence.  For instance in cafes and various meeting venues, individual no longer interact well as they used to initially. They tend to ignore each other and even their own meals by concentrating on chatting which has increased a feeling of solitude in public.

It is also evident that political bodies suffer a lot due to advances in technology. For instance, it has contributed to biasness in legal bodies especially when they fund heavy projects that facilitate ecological factors. At work places, technology interferes with gender when it subject men to consider the outcome and quantity of work. Conversely, women tend to concentrate most on quality and procedure of their work due to technology. Furthermore, the availability of technology at work slows down duties when employees waste time by concentrating on social media.


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