Creative Writing on Caucasian’s Prejudices and Stereotypes

Caucasian’s Prejudices and Stereotypes

Caucasians are perceived to embrace stereotypes and prejudices which they direct to other races. These individuals are also viewed to have their origin in Caucasus area. This is a place that borders Asia and Europe. There are explanations that reveal why Caucasians incorporate such traits. One of the reasons is that they have been noted to incorporate this behavior because they are the root of progress across the globe.

As a result, this community has developed a character of neglecting and perceiving themselves as superior over other societies. In America, this phrase Caucasian is attributed to the white ethnicity. This began when United States was inaugurated as the sovereign nation. In this regard, the whites have reflected themselves to be more powerful than other races. This character has been the same over years and has not been altered in the current society. Furthermore, these white individuals or the Caucasians still have an opinion that they have access to the best education than other ethnicities.

In addition, they have the belief that they should be the ones to have good jobs. This opinion arises in spite of the fact that their counterparts from various races have similar qualifications in education, and are empowered as the whites. Crime is a challenge in society that makes the Caucasians to prejudice and stereotype others. For instance, Americans perceive crime to be linked to other races but not them. They argue that criminal activities are closely connected to individuals with health and mental problems.

In this situation, Caucasians claim that professionals in mental health should give their services to people from other races. The white people further believe that these professionals in health matters are meant to handle individuals from various races that are prone to crime. In response to this issue, movements have attempted to stop this character but it is still rampant in society.



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