Creative Writing on Impact of Consumer- Driven Health Movement on Service Delivery

Impact of Consumer- Driven Health Movement on Service Delivery

The purpose of consumer driven campaigns is to depict aspiration of people in regard to decision making that is done in health care. Its concepts incorporate reduction of prices to pay medical bills to avoid exploiting patients. These movements intends to promote government plans to allow patients to have access to insurance. The purpose of this essay is to examine destructions that take place in the health care sector. This is via analyzing the client’s health driven movements.

Research reveals that workers who earned low income were served poorly in hospitals. This is especially when they did not have their medical insurance. Another issue was the Health Maintenance Organization HMO that hired physicians. They further hindered patients without pay cuts to access health care. There was also the issue of tax benefits that created a huge gap between the employer and their staff. Furthermore, the client health movement has depicted expertise in accomplishing the project schemes. This is due to the prevalent agreement that is incorporated in the health care sector to eradicate harsh amendments.

Evaluating the previous days of consumer driven campaigns, it is clear they involved various aspects. This included medical strategies that were ideal and access to hospital services that was on 24 hours basis. Evidently, the Health Savings Account (HSA), and the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), enabled workers to save cash for medical bills that was tax free. As a result, these two projects improved the health care sector. Packages were customer plans that facilitated an exact payment procedure (James et al, 2009, pg.3).

In addition, the CDHM used third parties to reduce situation whereby individuals managed their health. It is essential for health care to consider the manner in which they offer their services to enhance competency in the system.




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