Creative Writing on United Nation’s Action in Syria

United Nation’s Action in Syria

Syria has encountered problems that have subjected its citizens to die while others are shifted every day. UN which serves as the global super power were notified of the crisis. The situation has called for humanitarian services to help approximately 6.5 million citizens. It is evident that the number of immigrants has increased because their homeland is insecure.

This crisis in Syria started with protests that advocated for freedom among the political detainees. In response to this issue, the political forces have slowed down the protests when they were aggressive towards the protesters. Clearly, the function of UN is to ensure that it advocates for harmony among nations especially their members. This situation became unfortunate to citizens of Syria. This is when UN applied minimal efforts to handle their challenges. In response to such cases, UN ought to be vigilant and apply strict measures to curb crisis in Syria.

UN is supposed to consider lasting solutions besides offering humanitarian services to Syria. This can be achieved by meeting political leaders and motivate them to lead their country in a responsible manner. If leaders in politics fail to cooperate, it means that people will continue to suffer. Furthermore, UN should find a way of dealing with leaders who do not cooperate and concentrate more on protecting citizens in Syria. In addition, the government of Syria should understand that it is the right of citizens to demonstrate. This is especially when political leaders are not serving them well.

To curb chaos in Syria, UN needs to reinforce military actions to promote safety among its people (Landis, 2012). This further means that violence should not be mixed with peaceful demonstrations. In addition, UN can aid to stop civil battles in Syria by employing Security Council to apply force to their administration. This step is vital because it embraces use of alternative military to end chaos in Syria.




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