Criminal Justice: Critical Thinking on Sociological Theories of Crime

Sociological Theories of Crime

Crime incorporates sociological approaches that exhibit deviance. This is via social pressure and contexts which also reveal aspects that influence the deviance process. These factors range from social frustrations, social learning and socialization procedure. In this context, there are also four theories of crime that relate with sociological perspective.

First, is the anomie theory which reveals a gap between an opportunity and how an individual can use his objectives to be successful and boost the economy. However, this chance can result to a structural strain which is a situation that contributes to increase in crimes. According to control theory, people fail to socialize appropriately due to absence of self-control. As a result, they engage in deviance characters. Clearly, social control depends on various styles of parenting.

This implies that people with low self-control tend to participate in criminal activities. Another theory of crime in regard to sociology is differential association. In this approach, individuals become part of crime when they relate with others. People tend to conform to criminal activities because they are influenced by others to do so. Differential association contributes to criminal activities when individuals embrace crime in masses. Based on the labeling theory, people emulate criminal characters when they are categorized to be part of the group.

Theories of crime that are connected to social structure indicate that the position of a person in socioeconomic system facilitates criminal character. This approach reveals that poverty is a major contribution of crime. It incorporates three key institutions that include cultural deviance theories, strain and social disorganization. Based on social disorganization approach, control in society aid in preventing criminal cultures. Strain theories reveal that crime happen due to anger. Cultural deviance is a theory that perceives individuals from low class to lack opportunities hence become criminals. The Chicago school handles criminal theories by emphasizing on significance of physical environment and its influence to people’s character.


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