Criminal Justice: Critical Thinking on Why People Commit Crime

Why People Commit Crime

Classical is an approach that relates to the utilitarian notion. Based on the utilitarian perspective, the characters of individuals become provoked when they are pursued for fulfillment. This is essential because it aids in evading the pain. Reflecting on the Classical approach, it is clear that individuals become part of the crime when they are subjected to pleasure and its rewards.

As a result, this exposes them to illegal activities that only succeed after an individual goes through a sentence pain. Principles that apply to classical approach incorporate the freedom that enables individuals to decide if it is necessary to pull an action. A crime that appeals is that which fewer efforts are used to accomplish huge benefits. However, it is hard to commit a mistake due to the fear of being punished (Dammer, 2014, p. 34). In most cases, such punishments tend to be severe hence this scares individuals from committing crimes.

Furthermore, the classical approach reveals that criminal activities are only influenced by bad regulations. This implies that individuals who are perceived to be bad in society are not a cause of crime. Based on the positivist approach, crime generates from a complex link that is attributed to social, biology and environmental aspects. Genetics or biology concepts determine the manner in which a person behaves. This is clear when genes incline individuals to act in a particular way.

The way in which an individual acts reveals whether he engages in a crime or not will be associated with social or environmental factors.  The positivist approach does not support free will. It reveals that individuals engage in crime because it is an act that is beyond their control. In my view, both positivist and classical approaches give best explanation on why people engage in criminal activities.



Dammer, H. R., & Albanese, J. S. (2014). Comparative criminal justice systems. Belmont, CA, USA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.


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