Criminal Justice Paper on Case Anthony’s Case


Thisis an offence report of the murder caseofCaylee that reportedly took place in the suburbs of Florida on Friday, 10th March, 2017. The report gives a brief history and background information of the offence committed, substantially mentioning the suspects, witnesses and other parties that had been key in the murder case. It also mentions the factors that were considered in the crime, clearly analyzing potential attributes of the offense.

Casey Anthony Case

Caylee’smurder is a criminal case that shocked the entire America. Nearly twoweeks after Caylee’s disappearance, Caylee’s body was found near her mother’s house, a crime that her mother claimed she knew nothing about.This is after some revelationthat the murder was reported by her grandmother after the Caylee had gone missing for days, and suspiciously knew that her mother was concealing her whereabouts. It was a kind of murder shockingly discovered by George Anthony and Cindy, when theywere carrying out their normal choresin their backyard. In the possibly well-arranged murder, Anthony reported to have noticed that her daughter’s car had been parked in the backyard, which according to her was suspicious, prompting him to go near the car. This is where he stumbled on her daughter’s decomposing body in the boot.This led to an investigation to inquire on the possible culprits and cause of the murder, with several suspects such as Casey, Zanny and Zenaida Fernandez being questioned on their possible involvement in the crime.

At around 4:00 p.m., the police control room 911 in Florida received a call regarding the discovery of a body regarding a case of disappearance, reported 11 days ago. The control room contacted officers on patrol around Florida Avenue, who rushed to the scene, at Anthony’s residence so as to attend to the directive from the chief county sheriff regarding the murder.The officers stated that they rushed to the area, where they encountered a foul smell that emanated from Anthony’s backyard, presumably from a dead decomposing body, which they confirmed the same upon observing their findings in the boot. In that short report encountered by our officers, I conducted a thorough report at the crime scene and established certain facts.

Scene of crime

I reached the crime scene at 5:00pm, and headed straight to Anthony’s backyard to ascertain the information earlier given through the phone. On reaching, I found the officers, Anthony and Cindy at the front of the gate having some discussion. At that point, I headed straight to them to try understand the nature of offence that had been committed, where they directed me to the boot of the car. Upon reaching the boot, I saw the body of a lady, which had somewhat started decomposing, emitting bad smell indicating that she had been killed much earlier.

At around 5:30pm, a team of crime investigators arrived at the scene to carry out an investigation, which refers to a systematic gathering of facts and information so as to deduce the reality of the situation (Beers, 2011).They secured the area, took photos of the victim and covered the body as they prepared to take the dead body to the forensic lab for autopsy, a medical diagnostic procedure that provides feedback to the family regarding the cause of death and any known information concerning the victim (Pacheco et al, 2017). Upon taking the body to the lab for autopsy, I and the other officers that had been patrolling the area (Mathew and Tim), decided to make some inquiry on possible causes of the murder, in order to understand what might have caused the death. My initial queries were involved Anthony and Cindy, who were the first to have spotted the car. Our initial interviews with other officers (Mathew and Tim), did not yield any substantial information, since it looked as if they were very truthful and could not have been involved.

An analysis of various elements indicated that it was impossible to implicate Anthony and Cindy to Caylee’s murder, as our fast encounter showed no signs of panic, but rather people who were reporting a murder case to the police. In addition to this, we decided to inquire more

From neighbors, as well retrieve CCTV coverage, an observation aidusing transmission technology that capturesand records images for future analysis (Kroener, 2016).

I decided to make inquiries from the nearest neighbors, with Casey, Zanny and Zenaida being considered as potential witnesses. Casey, who is an aged woman, sharing the same entrance with Caylee’s mother was the first witness I interviewed. According to her, she had not been feeling well enough, and mostly stayed indoors, therefore could not participate in the investigation. According to my analysis, she was innocent unless anything mischievous is unearthed. Zanny, Caylee’s best friend had been out attending a sporting event the day the murder case was reported. My analysis is that she had some information, which though she concealed, she would be best suitable to help in the investigation.

Lastly, I interacted with Zenaida, Caylee’s teacher who stays barely 100 meters from Caylee’s home. In our interaction, she says she informed Caylee’s mother, but nothing was forthcoming. According to her, she noted that her mother was in normal state, even after many inquiries regarding Caylee’s continued absence from school. My own observation and analysis is that Caylee’s mother, though could be innocent had much information regarding her daughters murder. I sought the help of the County Sherriff, where I handed the first hand information of the case to him, informed him of the progress including the places to investigate such as the CCTV, which would help solve the murder case, which according to America’s history is a special murder case, with many parents making inquiries on the same.

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