Criminal Justice Paper on Situational Crime Prevention and Problem-Oriented Policing

In most countries, crime is prevented using strict legislative measures such as prison sentences, fines, and even capital punishment. Modern democracies require tight mechanisms that protect national security. Nevertheless, some countries are adapting to legislative changes aimed at reducing the chances of criminal acts being committed instead of focusing on punishing criminals. These are either implemented as direct legislative governing an entire country, or industry-policies that reduce criminal behavior in the commercial sector. Situational Crime Prevention (SCP) and Problem-Oriented Policing are effective legislative mitigation measures that reduce crime rates across the globe.

Gun violence is common in popular convenience stores. These stores are usually targeted because they usually store money in cash. In a recent incident involving gun violence, two local people were fatally shot around the Suburban Convenience Store causing serious injuries (NBC Chicago, 2018). According to eyewitnesses, the shooting incident attracted the attention of patrol police officers who engaged the criminals in a shootout. It is believed that the criminals had targeted the convenience store or a particular individual who possessed valuables such as huge amounts of cash in the area.

Another criminal act in which several pedestrians were robbed occurred in the Barrie Convenience Store environs. According to the police department, the robbery took place on a Friday evening around 6 pm. It is alleged that a man walked into the store and pointed a gun towards a cashier and ordered the person to lie down on the ground (Jackson, 2019). The robber broke into different safety boxes within the store and made away with the money. The customers of Barrie Convenience Store were held hostage during the incident and were quite terrified. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

In another incident, criminals triggered a false alarm at a North Spoken Convenience Store and then perpetrated a major robbery. It is reported that four ceiling tiles fell to the ground causing a cloud of smoke around the store’s vicinities. The robbery took place during the confusion. About $7,000 worth of cash was stolen (Sokol, 2015). The police claimed that the event was a well-organized crime as the participants had mastered their roles in the entire process.

Gun violence is a common criminal act in streets which depict social vices such as peddling drugs and illegal prostitution. For instance, dangerous streets where drug money is exchanged experience gunshots involving peddlers and the police. It is important to note that gun violence is mainly promoted by unemployment which forces affected individuals to engage in crime as a means of surviving in the tough American economy.

Unemployment has been associated with criminal acts as evidenced in the U.S. and nations of Latin America. As such, economic activists are agitating for fair judicial trials that incorporate SCP and problem-oriented policing measures that consider circumstances surrounding an event of a crime. Additionally, some democracies have adopted crime prevention measures that encompass an advanced level of conflict resolution for social-related acts of crime. Unemployment leading to gun violence could be effectively addressed if SCP measures and problem-oriented policing are implemented in modern institutions.

A lot of the criminal justice systems around the world use punishment to deter crimes. However, recently, some nations are trying out systems that promote crime prevention. Such a measure is important for various reasons, such as saving lives. A lot of the crimes against convenient stores are committed by individuals who do not have jobs because of their social status among other reasons. If their motivation for committing those crimes is taken away, then they may stop committing such crimes.


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