Criminal Justice: Research Paper on Overview of policing from past to present

Overview of policing from past to present

Policing agencies have been subjected to incur radical changes because of criminal activities in the community. This took place over time in order to facilitate the current technology. In this regard, the shift in responsibilities and the system in the policing activities have enhanced this career. It is also to promote the unproductive watch individuals to agencies that belong to the police.

This is by assimilating upgraded technology and strategies that can aid to solve challenges. Clearly, this operation is supposed to take place on a daily basis. The history of policing began when citizens intended to safeguard their people. The current technology world is related to policing. Similarly, in 1900, citizens and police officers had a good connection in regard to the manner in which they interacted (Eric, 1981). This is clear when the police surveyed on streets to check on the welfare of individuals who lived in the neighborhood.

Based on this form of interaction, individuals felt secure when they could identify each other via names. This connection also made people to appreciate police officers because they took care of their needs within the society. However, as technology emerged, the relationship between the police and people in the society lessened. For instance, this change was evident when police began to use cars and radio calls to enhance safety among citizens. As a result, people felt isolated from police due to technology.

Later, citizens began to feel the outcome of this technology. Currently, technology has further advanced when cameras have been installed on streets for protection. Evidently, this has replaced the policing activity that police used to do initially. The availability of surveillance cameras on streets has made policing to be easier in contrast to physical surveillance by the police.



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