Criminal Justice: Research Question on Is the juvenile justice system a success or failure?

Is the juvenile justice system a success or failure?

In a democratic civilization, citizens expect much from organizations that are related to the government. In the Juvenile system, the needs of the society have been lost in discussions. This concerns the future of the courts that are related with the juvenile. It also concerns relative effectiveness of justice in opposition to treatment.

The first juvenile court in the United States was created to restore juveniles. This was away from hopeless character and criminals. In this regard, the juvenile court is designed to transform lives of young people. This made it spread across the nation which caters for youth who were sentenced on a regular basis. They were allocated residential institutions that offered that transformed them to change their ethical traits (Smith, 2013).

The juvenile courts were also significant when they granted them opportunities in life. In contrast to the objectives of the original juvenile structure, that made the current system to eliminate recidivism. This reflected the average gauge that rehabilitated lawbreakers who were of the juvenile category. The existing structure is linked to racial segregation which operates on an insignificant level that is related to cultural competence. As a result, this infringes customs and rights of human beings.

In addition, juvenile justice approaches disrupt social approaches especially when the models are driven by the system. This happens when the courts and prisons become part of preventing crime among the youth. The limitation of the current juvenile justice structure is that they only offer support that is short term. As a result, they abandon the youth to cater for themselves after being part of appropriate services. In this case, private sectors coordinate with members of the community to enhance juvenile justice to fight for the rights of children.


Smith, C. (2013). Nothing About Us Without Us! The Failure of the Modern Juvenile Justice System and a Call for Community-Based Justice. Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children at Risk, 4(1).



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