Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Factors influencing crime rate

Factors influencing crime rate

A crime is an activity that makes an individual to go against regulations of a given state. Laws determine how people should carry themselves in community in relation to aspects that affect citizens and their belongings. Crime is a deed that is known to impose harm and destruction to people and their properties in entire society.

In regard to numerous outcomes that are related to crimes, different societies and administration have embraced mechanisms to trace them. This is to ensure that they are in a position to persist spread of these strict rules to facilitate effective punishments. Evidently, crime exists in various forms that are against people and material goods. As a result, this poses huge loses to parties that are affected (Wilson, 2005). In addition, many aspects make people to commit criminal activities. They incorporate environmental and social influences.

Tolerating criminal behavior is an aspect that has facilitated rates of crime across the globe. This is apparent when citizens are aware of their colleagues who indulge in crime. However, they desist to take a step of reporting them to relevant authorities.  This form of relaxation and lack of care motivate criminals to participate in crime. This is because they tend to have no fear of being caught. Abuse of drugs is another aspect that influences people to commit crimes. Another factor that contributes to crime is when families fail to relate well hence break up.

This subjects children to embrace bad habits such as smoking. As children participate in dangerous behaviors, they end up hurting others in society. Among youth, peer pressure is an aspect that subjects them to indulge in crime. Media also contributes to this situation when it exposes children to watch brutal acts that make them violent. In essence, people commit crimes in community to achieve their personal desires.



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