Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Homicide


Manslaughter activity that is done in a voluntary manner incorporates diverse hurdles. It is inclusive of actions such as provocation and cooling of blood. An example of a homicide occurrence was witnessed when Victor returned home. On his arrival, he caught his wife with another man who was Dan. Victor was aroused by anger and decided to pay a visit to a bar. At this place, he took various drinks and decided to drive back home while drunk.

Unfortunately, he hit a pedestrian on the way and killed him instantly. A form of man slaughter that is involuntary incorporates killing another individual in an accidental manner. In such an incident, malice is not involved because the nature of manslaughter was negligent. Misdemeanor manslaughter is a form of homicide that incorporates murdering another individual. This happens when the unlawful action does not lead to felony. For instance, a crime is clear when an individual returns home and finds his wife with another man.

If this incident irritates the husband, he may decide to murder the man involved on the spot. Clearly, when this case is taken to court, judges will believe that this kind of murder was voluntary man slaughter ((, 2014). However, negligent manslaughter is when a person kills another without involving malice. This death is normally caused by an action that is deviated from ordinary concern. It can also be termed as involuntary manslaughter. State laws vary in relation to the nature of crime. Based on murder offense regulations, an individual who is responsible for killing will be charged for felony that is murder.

This death occurs because the accused did not incorporate ordinary care. Additionally, individuals who are charged of negligent homicide can also be granted murder felony regulation. This is because this form of murder did not involve malice.

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