Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency refers to a criminal activity that incorporates individuals of younger age. This implies that such crime doers cannot be prosecuted because they have not attained the legal age for trial. Majority of offenders in this situation include teenagers who are below the age of 18 years. Juvenile cases happen in relation to different categories.

In this regard, criminal activities that are committed by offenders who are underage are handled in juvenile courts. In addition, the arm of criminal justice relates most with behaviors of the criminals. Conversely, Juvenile courts deals with status faults among criminals. This has also led to rise of debates in connection to races incorporated and rates of juvenile crime. Research reveals that juvenile crime is linked to individuals who originate from families that are rated as low income earners.

This implies that the rate of crime is rampant among poverty stricken families because they earn low salaries. They include individuals from Africa American and Hispanic races. Furthermore, studies indicate that people from the race of African Americans are most liable to criminal activities in contrast to other races.  There are various aspects that have contributed to criminal activities in the community (Siegel, 2009). They include absence of role models to mold the youth into better persons in future.

This means that the young people who reside in such locations lack sufficient systems to support them. They lack grounds to offer them moral support hence this influences their character in society. Clearly, the socio economic status among African Americans has subjected them to experience increase in Juvenile delinquency cases. Children in such region engage in criminal activities to upgrade their living conditions. The increase in rates of poverty has facilitated Juvenile delinquency which have made African American race to be susceptible to this behavior in society.



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