Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Leadership styles in a correctional environment

Leadership styles in a correctional environment

A style of leadership reflects the mode that individuals in power use in an occupational setting. Leadership styles relates to the manner in which a person who is leading carries out his responsibilities. The use of command and influence determines the progress especially when making judgments. This implies that each style had positive and bad attributes. As a person in charge, it is necessary to embrace the most efficient means in leadership when faced with such a situation.

Coercive style is a form of leadership that guides people in charge of an organization to instill obedience among their followers. In this regard, leaders assure themselves to be in charge of supervision and deliver orders (Mays et al, 2009, p. 280). This kind of administration may not be effective because it reduces passion for work among employees. This is because the staff team work hard and deserve praise or critics when they go wrong.

Styles that are incorporated in self-governing are making employees to be part of the process. The responsibility of the leader is to pass information concerning the idea and ways which the facility will operate. Another form of leading is through coaching, which initiates expansion goals that are long term. It further involves a theoretical strategy to achieve them. In addition, the laissez-faire is a way of leading that subjects the staff to work without guidance. This is evident when a leader leaves them with plenty of work to complete.

For leadership to be effective, it is essential for the individual in charge to aid workers in handling issues. Clearly, the type of leadership that applies in a firm determines whether a worker will come or be absent from duty. If a leader has integrity, he instills good values to employees and improves standards of operation in a firm.


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