Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Local Law Enforcement in a National Crisis

Local Law Enforcement in a National Crisis

The absence of a transparent official responsibility is perceived as a limitation. This is in regard enforcement of local regulations in American society. Furthermore, for a government to maintain a stable constitution, it requires to incorporate the rule of law. This should apply at all levels in a state. Clearly, officers who are in charge of enforcing local rules involve a set of leaders who are respected in a community.

Implementing local law is essential to cater for safety of all citizens. This is because the public is usually the pioneer to handle an issue when it occurs in a particular location. Additionally, if there are no transparent rules and responsibilities, citizens will end up committing mistakes (Roberts, 2005).  This takes place especially if the national efforts delay in granting the victims help. To abide by these rules, official need to be fast in dealing with challenges that affect citizens.

On a national level, the government also need to use plenty of resources. This is because large capacity of emergency equipment will have been moved to provide aid in local places. Agencies that enforce local laws should also ensure that they are aware of safety functions in the public. In addition, it is the duty of the agencies to protect its citizens whenever a crisis arises. A gap in communication is created when the local law enforcers lack a specific duty to execute. This gap is usually between local and national state laws.

If communication becomes an issue, it reduces suspicious activity while giving reports and sharing of details. Agencies that enforce regulations only visit the community at times of challenges. This means that absence of clear function might subject citizens to suffer during a crisis. This is because enforcers of law at state level use an extended approach to handle issues in society.


Work cited

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