Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Preventing Terrorism

Preventing Terrorism

Intelligence cycle incorporates procedures that facilitate unprocessed details to serve as guiding principles incomplete intelligence. The principles are initiated by policymakers to enhance decision-making. It also incorporates strategies that deal with security threats in America. This procedure that prevents terrorism incorporates five phases.

The first one which is planning phase ensures that the whole process of intelligence is managed in an efficient manner. Planning is vital because it incorporates all procedures that facilitate data that is collected into action. Collection of raw information is the second stage that extracts data from different resources. The step that follows is the one which involves processing of information. Source analysis is the fourth stage that is responsible for converting details to total intelligence.

The final cycle is dissemination which incorporates the distribution of complete intelligence to a variety of destination. Evidently, the intelligence community in America incorporates approximately sixteen agencies. The responsibility of these agencies is to check on national security within America. This is vital because it enhances the safety of foreigners and citizens. Furthermore, the major objective of agencies is to gather vital details across the country.

The issues of handling intelligence in America have faced limitations due to the absence of resources. This calls for the homeland security department to allocate enough resources to handle these events. According to the view of the security agency, the targets of the government is to grant resources that will accomplish safety within the internal public. Furthermore, the government fails to hinder terrorism when it fails to allocate money to stop the attacks.

The outcome that arises while gathering intelligence to protect the state from terror incorporates identification of enemies. Through this procedure of gathering intelligence, grants the security department chances to predict future attacks. The significance of this procedure is that it incorporates international regulations. This facilitates the activity of dealing with crimes around the world.

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