Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Pros and Cons of Having an Armed Security Guard in Public Schools

Pros and Cons of Having an Armed Security Guard in Public Schools

The debate on whether to embrace security men with weapons in public institutions has become vast. It is further difficult to measure if schools were paranoid of the armed security or the threats they encountered. It is also clear that a trained security officer is supposed to be armed to execute well his duties. This has facilitated an argument if security guards should be permitted to have weapons while in school settings. This essay reveals the advantages and limitations of having armed security in schools.

Professional exhibit that while in schools, there is no need of officers to be armed by guns. This is because it increases risks in security that is witnessed in public institutions. Conversely, when the security is allowed to operate without weapons, it becomes an issue. In this context, the school is perceived to be saving its image. However, it does not protect the welfare of teachers and students. The opponents of armed security claimed that when officers carry guns, they create a hostile surrounding in schools.

On the contrary, proponents argue that schools need security guards who are armed. This will ensure that both teachers and students feel secure in their setting. In addition, these officers prevent potential criminal activities when they are armed. This implies that arming is essential to handle the increasing number of threats. Their responsibilities include inspecting visitors and protecting premises of the school. The fact that security persons are armed it does not imply that they guarantee safety in institutions.

The presence of these officers in schools has subjected plenty of youth to face charges due to criminal activities. Clearly, guards are not aware of development procedures and psychology of children.  In essence, it is vital to have armed security officers who understand how to handle children in schools as they respond to criminals.


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