Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on The Hart-Rudman Report

The Hart-Rudman Report

The Hart Rudman commission in America is a task that was initiated in 1998. Its purpose was to grant US an evaluation of the needs that were required to foster the national security in 21rst century. In this case, Warren Bruce Rudman and Gary Hart were selected to be the head of the commission. Their responsibility was to initiate a strategy to enhance national security. Furthermore, they measure the efficiency of these strategies to facilitate national security. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on advantages and limitations of reports by Hart Rudman.

Evaluating the first innovation, it is evident that the commission completed the reports and submitted them on 15th sept. The reports indicate that by 2025, the world will have improved on its politics and increase globalization. According to this report, it is clear that US became vulnerable to attacks. This was evident when the armed forces intervened to protect its citizens. This report reveals that increase in technology will subject American security to threats.  This is because technology will transform the globe to a small village.

It further revealed the significance of border conditions and energy. In this regard, United States was expected to intervene with the military (Decker, 2001). This innovation would be beneficial to the US military to prepare in handling threats that comes along with technology. Its disadvantages are that it would not grant solutions to problems that affect America. Another section of this report was to enhance modern security policy on national level. This strategy will reduce on potential factors that could undermine globalization.

The advantage of innovation in US was to eradicate threats that could hinder collaboration with other states. This was vital because it would restore democracy and peace. However, it could not reveal that states made weapons to facilitate mass destruction. The final section of this report was to protect US citizens by reinforcing security.


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