Criminal Justice: Sample Essay on Why Children Join Gangs

Why Children Join Gangs

In the current society, the youth have found it hard to understand their life and individuals surrounding them. In quest to find out who they are, they find it easier to relate with people whom they share same traits. Furthermore, teenagers coordinate with individuals who understand and support them. This is evident when sponsors offer them emotional support, fundamental requirements and companionship.

In some cases, children decide to be part of gangs because they have no choice. Clearly, they may not have the desire to be members of gang. However, they have no ways to evade the condition. It happens mostly among children who are not secure due to absence of support and parental love. Another reason why children become part of the gang is because they seek competition. This is either from rival gangs or relatives who tend to be in gangster groups.

Additionally, children can also be gangsters because they are idle and need to avoid boredom. In some situation, children find gang activities to interest them and decide to be part of the group. Members of the gang are addicted to drug activities which make them to engage in unlawful activities (Johnson 25). They believe that in joining the gang, they will access money faster hence this explains why children end up being gangsters.

Children who decide to be part of the gang seek for identification. This is because the society does not recognize members of the gang. Instead they perceive them as criminals who could hurt or end up stealing from them. Furthermore, children join gangs for protection and fellowship. This is especially when their families does not take good care for them. Other factors that motivate children to be part of gangs include force by peer pressure and urge for money. Others seek to feel worth and recognized in the community. Generally, majority of children join gang activities because they come from unsupportive families.



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