Criminal Law: Coursework on Transnational crimes

Transnational crimes

Transnational are forms of crimes that take place across borders of countries. Based on their intra-state nature, they have a possible influence on fundamental elements in various societies on the international level. The phrase transnational is mostly used by law enforcers and scholars to depict the crime situation in a society.

As much as such crimes go beyond the border, they also impose outcomes across nations. An example of a transnational crime is human trafficking. It is an act that incorporates unlawful shift of human beings. This is to fulfill their interests of forced labor or commercial sex acts. By 2010, criminal activities grossed to approximately 31.6 billion dollars. It was in connection to trade scale that took place on an international level.

Americans depict human trafficking to be an action that harbors, recruits and obtains people. This is to accomplish their desires of forced labor and sexual acts via fraud or force. Approximately 300,000 children in US are subjected to dangers that are associated with prostitution. Majority of the minor are of the age 13-14 years (Aronowitz, 2009). As a result, traffickers have benefited from this trade because they earn up to 9.5 billion dollars in a year.

The activity of human trafficking in America occurs next to international trade centers. This is because the places have huge numbers of refugees. In this case, the victims are children and youth from other nations. The United Nations has intervened in the matter by embracing a practice that could benefit various nations to handle the matter. The strategies that UN applies include punishing offenders and initiating regulations that protects victims.

However, some nations have not considered trafficking issues as a serious matter. For instance, Saudi Arabia does not emphasis on its traffic rules. This encourages the crime to happen because criminals are not subjected to the law.



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