Critical thinking on The Negative Effects of Colonization

The Negative Effects of Colonization

Colonization is an issue that has contributed to the act of slavery. This paper reveals an argument concerning the negative effects of colonialism on individuals. In an article by Albert Memmi, he argues that the intention of colonizers was to grant noble ideas to the native individuals.

The colonists had to accomplish this by bringing religious changes and improving the economy. Author Gloria Anzaldúa asserts that Americans facilitated the outcome of American-Mexican battle. In this regard, illegal immigration was perceived to be a way of subjecting individuals to live or die in their bid to cross the borders (Anzaldúa 40). As decades passed, people who participated in colonization felt that they still had to abide by its features.

In addition, children who were conceived in colonized countries were not aware of their culture. These are the kind of children who developed while idealizing the people who colonized them. They also had a belief that something was not right with their culture basing on the manner in which they adored the colonizers. It is also evident that religion is another concept that has been affected by colonialism. Memmi cites that Tunisia have been part of the revolts that were not in agreement with the colonial administration.

This change in religion further resulted to the foundation of states that were independent. A section of individuals in these colonized countries deliberately decided to disobey the colonizers. This was evident when they deliberately choose to ignore the religion tenets that were put into effect by colonialists. This shows that colonialist used the aspect of religion to colonize and cause violence to the natives. I believe that the act of colonization caused many countries more pain than benefits.

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