Critical Thinking on Importance of Affirmative Action

Importance of Affirmative Action

Trends across the globe have made have facilitated increase in diversity. As a result, societies have individuals of mixed races, religious and cultural origin. These populations entail individuals who have a different view of things. This explains why a social system incorporates values that serve as practices in major societies.

However, these values tend to cater for interests of dominant members and neglect the minority. This causes devastating effects to individuals who are less dominant in the society. The affirmative action applies in this situation, to enhance diversity in various societies. The affirmative action incorporates policies. They motivate members of the minority group to participate in different activities in their social settings. Diversity is a concept that plays a significant role to aid communities that are facing complicated issues.

It solves the challenges in an effective manner when various individuals give their ideas on the matter.  Firms that clinch to affirmative action incur plenty of benefits especially when they progress. Recent reports reveal that governments have embraced relative policies that have different implications on welfare of a company. The significance of affirmative actions applies in organizations that value diversity. For instance, such firms benefits from profitable contracts and access the opportunity that is offered by state government.

This is vital because it fosters development that sustains the economy. In addition, these policies are relevant when they facilitate positive actions. They ensure that individuals who have qualifications in the society are granted equal chances regardless of their cultures. Furthermore, these policies that are related to affirmative actions aids in eradicating discrimination. The effects of discrimination among the minority are clear when it instills in them fear and hurts them. In general, the society should embrace affirmative actions to handle complex issues with ease and promote diversity.



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