Critical Thinking: Sample Essay on Gratuities and Police Officers

Gratuities and Police Officers

Gratuities refer to a way of being grateful which is exhibited by members of the public. It is a manner of making police officers feel appreciated after their services which they render to the public. It is also perceived as a form of friendship between police officers and people in a given location. Clearly, gratuities do not depict corruption in any manner. However, majority of individuals prefer the police to deny this kind of association that incorporate the public. This is because later, it may appear as a form of receiving bribes. The purpose of this paper is to indicate whether or not the police should consent to gratuities.

Evidently, police are human beings and it is vital for the public to show them respect. This is to create awareness that they impact the society in a positive manner. It is a good idea for the public to issue gratuities to police officers.  Conversely, plenty of aspects should be considered by police who are usually on the receiving end. For instance, gratuities are positive when a stranger decides to serve an officer free coffee without expecting a favor from him. However, if the restaurant boss has a case and decides to serve the police meals without imposing charges to be set free, it becomes corruption.

In addition, it is not necessary for police to accept gratuities all the time from people. This is to avoid familiarity with the public that may lead to insecurity issues (Hall, 2004). It is essential for police officers to enhance a safe distance with members of the public. It helps to avoid situations where the two parties relate as strangers. Clearly, maintaining a safe distance is vital to ensure that police officers perform their chores in a transparent and careful manner.




Hall, A. (2004). Police ethics. A Focus on Ethics & Gratuities.


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