Cultural and Ethnic Studies: Sample Essay on Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors: Japanese and Hungarian Cultures

Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors: Japanese and Hungarian Cultures

Sexual character attributes to traits of people that enable them to reveal their experience concerning sexuality. Sexual attitudes depict awareness among individuals in connection to aspects that are related to sexuality. In this regard, human beings embrace values to facilitate their practices and ways of communication. Culture reveals values that people believe in society.

Through culture, individuals tend to appreciate diversity which enhances worth. Hungarian and Japanese cultures are perceived to be spiritual. They incorporate traditional and spiritual values which guides individual’s lives in connection to sexuality (Debreceni, 2011). In reference to Japanese culture, women are regarded as people who are in charge of respectful positions in society. Clearly, women are servants who support men in enhancing strong families. In addition, the Japan society attributes men as sex adventurers.

As a result, Japanese men find themselves in divorce and jealousy situations. On the contrary, the Hungarian culture believes in feminism and women. Clearly, this culture does not advocate for divorce. Furthermore, it does not depict individuals from both genders to be section of benefits in the economy. In this culture, both men and women are viewed as family members who are respected in reference to family. At some point, the Japanese and Hungarian culture tends to have similar and values that differ.

For instance in Japan, women are not supposed to be free in sharing their sexual desires. People of female gender in this community are expected to respect the males. On the contrary, Hungarian culture supports equality among men and women especially in marriage. This form of relation enables them to respect each other in the society. Women in Hungary dress in a classy manner while their Japanese counterparts cover their bodies.  In both parties, all genders are supposed to respect and value each other.



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