Cultural Essays on Language Exploration Guide For Hebrew, Arabic And Persian

This assignment should be interesting to say the least.  With this task, you will be exploring languages through becoming second language learners yourselves (even through it is only for a few hours).  You will be assigned this task with different many different types of languages in order to improve your ability to distinguish between languages as well as the features, sounds, vibrations and feelings that are expressed within.  You will write a brief summary of your experience taking into account all of the readings, discussions and information you have learned about different linguistic features, different cultural origins and your own impressions of the languages.

In order to complete this assignment, read all about this in Rosetta Stone.

Make sure to complete the experience for ALL languages assigned and turn in on the same document.

Either during or after your experience, write down any impressions you might have of the target language.  Do you think it would be possible for you to learn this language with enough time and support?  What linguistic features do you perceive based off of the readings? What type of writing system is used?  What types of unique features are there to the language?  What language family does this particular language belong to?  Do you have experience learning a similar language?  Are there any perceived cognates between this language and your own?  How did you feel while hearing and experiencing the language?  Do you think that culture and language can be separated?  Why or why not?