Descriptive Essay Sample on National Socialist Movement Party

National Socialist Movement Party

The historical political system in US indicates that they have two parties that are Democratic and the Republican. These parties have been in existence since the year 1952. However, the urge to invent modern approaches to campaign contributed to other parties. For instance, the whites started the National Socialist Movement Party NSM to cater for their needs. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate on the objective and policies of NSM party.

NSM represents socialist group and is the largest across America whose headquarter is in Michigan. This party is known to have started hiring among the youth to motivate them be part of the campaign. The head of the party wanted the young people to be imparted with skills in military and learn about its practices (Arnold 97).  NSM formulated a website to enhance its campaign activities. During demonstrations, the whites decided to wear the Nazi garb which made the party to be more famous.

The key objective of NSM was to start a program that fulfills the desires of the American citizens. Clearly, members of this group had a perspective that other parties were wasting citizen’s funds when in leadership. They claim that the two party systems in United States has made majority of citizens to suffer under their authority. Furthermore, NSM has a strong desire to protect values and culture of Europeans. The party also intends to boost their economy and articulate new regulations. This is to ensure that it removes the states’ military from the Middle East.

Another objective of NSM party was to turn America into a socialist state. It is also evident that during their movement, they permitted other parties to be part of the campaign. The demonstration also articulated for civil rights by handling issues such as race to enhance American values.



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