Developing a Personal Plan to become a Disability Advocate

Developing a Personal Plan to become a Disability Advocate

A disability advocate refers to an individual who intend to support people in a disabled condition through educating them. They are also attributed as agents of change to accomplish their objectives in various manners. To formulate an appropriate plan of supporting this project, a person who is interested to become an advocate need to make arrangements with a volunteer. This step is vital in ensuring that change is enhanced to facilitate a positive attitude among society members. As a result, they will support people who are disabled to live a better life.

My intension to become a disability advocate started through a friend that I identified. This was a teenager girl who used crotchets to move around. This situation made her life difficult in that attending class sessions became a challenge. Due to this situation, she missed various class sessions and ended up performing poorly in examination (Barry 40).

The topic that I choose to analyze reflects to on ways to become a disability advocate. The outcome of this subject matter is relevant to me, family friends, relatives and the entire society. Supporting individuals with disabilities is an effective plan because it gives us a plartform to render people in needs help. Through supporting them, they gain strength and feel that they are valued and also members of the community. I also believe that if I become a disability advocate, I will assist the disabled to meet their fundamental requirements. As a result, this will lead to a condition whereby their human rights will be respected. The impact of a disability advocate is that it makes them feel that they are not discriminated from other members of the society. As a volunteer or an advocate, I would be in a position facilitates their movements in various locations. Additionally, I will collaborate with nonprofit organizations in the society to instill them with expertise, counseling and help them to access job opportunities.

Furthermore, as a disability advocate, I will create awareness to members of the community to give attention to these needy individuals. I will convince large number to avoid neglecting the disabled and educate them to learn to appreciate others who are in a difficult situation. To develop this plan in an effective manner, I will focus on offering assistance. This can be accomplished with aid from the government to access funds. This will be helpful in saving persons with disability especially those who are helpless on streets. This form of assistance will be supported by effective goals to ensure that help is granted to all the disabled persons in the community (Darby 56).

To achieve this plan of becoming a disability advocate, I will have to handle all barriers inclusive of aspects that enhance productivity. This is by motivating all productive individuals to be responsible participants in the community.  As an advocate for disability, I will collaborate with well wishers and encourage them to contribute in purchasing plenty of wheelchairs to facilitate transportation among the disabled. As a result, this will develop this plan by attracting a large group of volunteers to be part of the project to aid disabled individuals in the community. In a society, individuals with disabilities lack a platform to be granted opportunities. By developing the disability plan, it will generate a positive outcome. This will ensure that young both disable people at home or at the streets go to school comfortable in contrast to their normal counterparts. As I develop this plan to assist the disabled, this will benefit other and myself. I will be happy that I assisted others and make them feel appreciated in the society.

This depicts a report on advocacy activities that are happening to raise awareness concerning the issue of disability Reports indicates that parent centers are informed on a frequent basis to access material that can aid individuals with disabilities. For instance, organizations such as the national health observances give reports that revolve around health risks among the disabled. This plan incorporates vital detail by reflecting on the number of individuals suffering to access aid from sponsoring firms. The council of disability is another organization that aid to raise awareness. As a nonprofit firm, its aim is to educate and inform the public concerning the widespread of disability issue.

By creating awareness and giving reports concerning advocacy events, this firm intends to improve on the financial impact to proceed assisting the disabled persons. It grants resources that are helpful to all stake holders including advocates of disability. This is to ensure that they assist people who are affected by this issue to promote welfare in the families. Based on the report about advocacy activities, online platforms have also been used to create awareness on the issue. This digital platform has promoted a platform about disabled individuals from various nationalities. This includes the information about various disabled persons ranging from those who use wheelchairs. Others defects include blindness, speech difficulties, visual and hearing impairments. Through this form of communication, the public is in a position to know the number of disabled persons who require help and the amount that need to be contributed to support this activity. In essence, raising awareness about the issue of disability requires a disability awareness guide to educate people concerning the myth and facts that revolve around this problem. This report also enlightens the entire society to understand issues that face people with disability challenges.

Local reports on disability indicate that communities have participated to assist people with disabilities through donations. Globally, WHO exhibits their global disability action plan by upgrading health care operations. This is via programs that grant them effective rehabilitation services. Research and awareness activities has transformed over years through incorporation of modern technology. This has further facilitated spread of information to the public through online platforms. As a result, a lot of people both locally and globally have turned out in large numbers to assist people with disabilities (Brooke 9).

In developing a personal plan, the activities I would like to participate in is collaborating with disability agencies to assist disabled teenagers. This will reach out to both of them in streets or at homes through contribution of wheelchairs. It will aid them to move around to various schools and the remaining will be used to sponsor them in education.  As a disability advocate, I selected these specific events of sponsoring disabled youth through wheelchairs and education. My plan was to ensure that all the disabled teenagers who had been neglected on streets got help. Another factor that motivated me to engage in these activities is the pleasure of watching people with disability lives a happy life. It was my wish to provide them with equal opportunity with other people. This plan intends to provide them with a platform to access job positions and be constructive individuals in the society (Kate 60).

It is my expectation that this plan will change my personal beliefs by reaching out to majority of disable individuals as possible. Personally, I plan to interact with them and identify the kind of discrimination they are going through. As a disability advocate, I will create awareness concerning this issue to the society. Initially, I used to have this perspective that such people should be separated from others because they are not useful to the society. However, after learning the hardships which they encountered, I changed my beliefs and decided to assist them. The changes that I can initiate to society are to create awareness about people with disability and motivate them to support them.

In future, I intend to expand this plan by to ensure that I reach out majority of individuals with disability. Besides the youth, this project will also assist disable people in different age groups to meet their needs in the community. In my opinion, other things that can be taken into consideration are to hold campaigns to dispute discrimination of people who are disabled. It is also essential to build homes to cater for disabled individuals on streets who are homeless. In this regard, it is also necessary to advocate for equality in society. This is regardless of whether a section of us are disabled or not. This implies that the entire society should show support to the disable people to ensure that they feel appreciated.

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