Discussion forum on Global and cultural challenges

Global and cultural challenges

A type of dialogue that entail two or more individuals of diverse cultures to aid them handle their issues by reaching a reasonable agreement is referred to as cross cultural negotiation. These parties express issues that interest them by negotiating to enhance peaceful relationships and also ease tension. To achieve their desires, the negotiation parties learn different cultures to avoid cases that might lead to offences.

These types of negotiations held by different cultures encounter various problems that generate misunderstanding. The key issue that faces them is language barrier which hinders the participants to solve their challenges in an amicable manner. Another issue is stereotyping which causes false perspective concerning other parties. As a result, it disrupts the negotiation procedure contributing to biasness that hinders discussion of major issues (Beverly 234).

To enhance successful negotiations in a cross cultural platform, it is mandatory for parties involved to understand each other’s values. This fosters understanding between the participants and eradicates barriers that could contribute to disagreements.  It is also vital to incorporate an interpreter in cross cultural negotiations to promote communication. The impact of culture in these negotiations is that it influences how individuals relate to each other. For instance, it influences how parties reason, and communicate different views before they settle on a solution.

The effect of culture is also evident on international negotiations which call for mediators to facilitate communication between the negotiating parties. In conclusion, cross cultural negotiations are vital because they unite variety of cultures to participate in political alliances and business activities (Martin 25). It also promotes beliefs and values of diverse cultures enabling them to solve and find solutions to their issues without facing difficulties. As a result, cross cultural negotiations enables participants to be positive to achieve their goals.


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